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2-blade Inconel COBRA-R propeller, Right

(Adjustable | 180-215hp)
Weight : 0g
Size : Ø1700 ➜ Ø 2100
Reference : 01-57-013

3458.33 € excl.VAT 4150.00 € incl.Fr.VAT
The COBRA range of propellers is the first to have been developed for aircraft with a power rating of over 150 hp.
Due to its size and strength, it is capable of handling power ratings from 150hp to 315hp.
Its unique high efficiency design is optimized for direct drive engines.
Its aerodynamic design allows a "Constant Speed" effect, limiting engine speed variations between static and dynamic phases.
This propeller provides high efficiency over the entire flight envelope:
§ Better efficiency at takeoff and in rate of climb due to the higher engine speed
§ A lot of extension in cruise
§ Great comfort of use
The blades and hubs of the COBRA range are manufactured according to DUC Hélices' own aeronautical technologies, from unidirectional carbon fiber sheets pre-impregnated with epoxy resin.
Their composite structures are defined to resist maximum stresses in torsion and bending. This is why the "constant speed" effect is not related to the deformation of the blade, but to its geometry and its particular profile.
Due to its specific geometrical definition, excellent performances are obtained both in aerodynamics and acoustics, but also regarding fuel consumption reduction.
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